3 Essential Restaurant Pointers for Creating a More Efficient Kitchen

3 Essential Restaurant PointersThe kitchen is a restaurant’s heart and soul. It’s where everything good can begin or end up in disaster. A slow kitchen can ruin even the most delicious of dishes, so practice efficiency with the following changes and improvements:

Get a Better Kitchen Layout – A huge problem with amateur kitchen designs is the lack of pre-planning. Keep your kitchen working at maximum by putting all the food prep away from the working areas’ front door. The guests might see your ingredients before they’re even cooked which can be detrimental to certain appetites. Keep the stoves and ovens in a centralized area, where your chef can move freely with little obstruction. The area closest to the door should be the embellishment’s area.

Get the Best Ingredients – Part of what makes a kitchen effective and easy to work with are the ingredients used in every dish. Choose to buy only the best quality of your major ingredients like the meats, fruits, and vegetables. Purchase your gold-label demi-glace and soup bases from a trusted seller, so you don’t need to do it yourself. In addition, prepping food items beforehand is also a great way to speed things up.

Train Your Crew – Great ingredients can help enhance the work of your cooks and kitchen staff, but it can’t fix poor coordination and lack of teamwork. The most efficient kitchens are those where everyone knows each other’s strengths and they play off it. It begins by choosing the most qualified during the hiring process, putting the people in shifts where they are most functional, and giving them enough autonomy to work on their own once they’re familiar with the process.

Every little dish served is a goldmine for your restaurant. From a mixed drink to the most elaborate meal, nothing should be left to chance. Work on quality, speed, and safety to give the diners the unforgettable experience they expect from your establishment and menu. Your profits will reflect how happy your clients are with your kitchen and staff’s efficiency.