3 Main Goals of Hospice Care

photo of two people holding hands as a sign of careWhen treatment for a terminal illness stops working, patients might decide to forego it and work on improving the quality of their lives instead. Hospice care makes it possible for patients to enjoy the rest of their lives with dignity and less pain. This type of care offers spiritual, emotional, and physical support to not only the patients but also their families. Here are the goals of hospice care home facilities in Indiana.

1. Put the Patient in Control

Terminally ill patients tend to have undergone years of curative treatments. These often leave them feeling exhausted and in pain. The discussions on the best course of action to take can leave them feeling as if they don’t have power over their lives and they slowly lose control of the situation and their bodies. Hospice care allows terminally ill patients to make decisions regarding their treatment. So, the patients are in control of their lives.

2. Support the Caregiver and the Family

Becoming a caregiver to a terminally ill loved one is challenging. Hospice care involves offering support to the patient’s family and caregiver. The care team assists the family members whenever they would like to take a break. They help with housekeeping, shopping, and watching over the patient.

3. Enhance the Quality of Life

The persistent journey of battling a terminal illness results in pain, discomfort, and exhaustion. Deciding to go the hospice way is not giving up, but instead choosing to live a life of dignity and comfort. Several studies show that hospice can prolong the lives of terminally ill individuals since it takes the focus away from the illness and puts it on the patient.

Choosing hospice care benefits both patients and their family members. The hospice team ensures that terminally ill patients still enjoy their life and have control over their life.