3 Reasons Mental Health Care is Struggling

Patients lacking mental health staffMental health is an important branch of the health industry. More individuals are suffering from mental health issues that have resulted in complications — failed relationships, social withdrawal, and even suicide.

What is mental health? It’s about finding a balance between the ability to deal with the difficulties in life and maximizing the opportunities’ life bring for further development. When a person finds himself stuck in problems or has experienced loss, this may lead to a mental health problem.

With proper treatment and counseling, you can overcome mental health problems. Find out why mental health institutions are struggling today:

Lack of Mental Health Staff

Like in any other health sector, the lack of physicians and other related professionals is a big problem. In the U.S. alone, more than 40 million people are dealing with a mental health problem. Unfortunately, many institutions lack the required number of staff. Hence, Interim Physicians says that some are offering psychiatry locum jobs to help fill in vacant posts.

Lack of Funds

About 56% of adults who suffer from a mental health illness do not receive treatment. The inadequate access to mental healthcare in the country is a chronic disease. This problem has taken a toll on the American society, with more people suffer from mental health problems. Aside from this, there is a lack of funds to shoulder all the treatments of these individuals. The expensive treatments, counseling sessions, therapies, and medicines add to the burden of those who suffer from mental health issues.

Insurance Gaps

Aside from the lack of funds, some insurance companies do not cover mental health illness. This makes the problem even worse because those suffering are not given the access to proper treatments. As these treatments are so expensive without insurance coverage, some individuals do not seek medical help anymore.

The mental health crisis in the country, and even across the globe is a huge problem today. The lack of access to quality health care adds to the burden. The government should focus on boosting mental health care through reforms in insurance companies and health care policies.