3 Reasons to Choose Bonded Retainers for Your Patients

Different colored retainersPeople place a premium on oral health—making orthodontics one of the most lucrative businesses any dental professionals can get into. A bonded wire retainer is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people. This makes it a very viable investment that you should consider incorporating it into your own orthodontic business. Here are the three biggest benefits of investing in this type of technology for your patients.

1. Secure Fit

Unlike your standard plastic retainer, these bonded options are grafted to the back of your patient’s lower teeth. This makes them far more secure in their fit because they can’t be removed whether intentionally or otherwise. Because a bonded retainer or any kind of retainer needs to stay put in order to do what it’s intended for, this is highly beneficial in ensuring that it performs at its peak efficiency all the time—critical to their usefulness.

2. Aesthetics

One of the biggest benefits of a bonded wire retainer is that it is hidden from view. This is an important and appealing consideration for most people as old school retainers have very visible wires hanging out exposed for all the world to see. Bonded retainers are necessarily put at the back of your patient’s teeth—and simply selling the idea of them not interfering with your patient’s looks can be the best-selling point in and of itself.

3. Affordability

All in all, the value of bonded retainers lies in its relative affordability versus old school retainers. That affordability lies in the fact that it requires less maintenance than an older type of retainer. There are fewer adjustments to be made, fewer repairs, and there is less chance for anything to be lost. This allows you to price them competitively while passing on the value to budget-minded patients.

Oral health doesn’t have to be unappealing or expensive, with a bonded retainer, you can offer your patients a quality product that is as effective as it is appealing.