3 Stages of Addiction Recovery

Doctor talking to victim of drug addictionAddiction can clinch on you so easily. In some cases, some drugs cause addiction on the first attempt. On the other hand, other drugs will cause addiction after prolonged use. Most of the people with substance use disorder showcase some similarities. These are mostly influenced by biological, social, and psychological factors, such as gender, age, family history, and the drug being abused.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and its consequences, you might want to consider this routine towards successful addiction recovery in Utah.

Early acknowledgement

This stage is marked by drug addicts’ acceptance of the fact that they are in trouble. This realization may result from a dialogue with your friend, a family member, or a co-worker. In other cases, this realization might only come about after drug addiction has resulted in other problems, such as illnesses or unnecessary and avoidable financial obligations.

When you are at this stage, the first step to succeeding without much hustle is shifting from denial to acceptance and deciding to make a change.


At this stage, the addict is willing to take the next step towards the healing process, often by learning how the drugs affect them and their family members. This stage allows drug addicts to know that their actions also affect the people around them. This helps them transit from awareness to actions.

Active recovery and maintenance

This stage allows the addicts to monitor their behavior, thoughts, and other temptations that might drag them back to drug abuse. Whilst this phase is almost the hardest, it enables people with substance use disorder to live the drug-free life that they had aspired at the beginning of their journey.

Addiction recovery is more than just overcoming dependence on the substance. A successful recovery involves a complete transformation of your body, mind, and soul. While some addicts will only need a little support from friends or family members to overcome addiction, others may need to undergo treatment at a rehab facility.