3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

A collection of engagement rings Popping the question soon? If you think you’re ready for this commitment, AAA Jewelers suggests five things you need to know about engagement rings before you see your jeweler in Salt Lake City.

1. Diamonds are not your only options.

You’ve probably heard about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. Sure, diamonds are the most common stones found in engagement rings. However, there are also other precious stones you can choose from—amethyst, sapphire, garnet, moissanite, emerald and even ruby. So listen intently when your significant other drops some hints.

2. There’s no such thing as a “Diamond Season.”

There are June brides, but there’s no particular season when diamonds go on sale. These precious stones are available all-year-round and they don’t go through price fluctuations like lawn mowers do during the fall. This means that buying an engagement ring really depends on when you’re liquid enough to make that investment.

3. There’s more than just one design.

For some people, engagement rings may look the same; but really, they’re not. First, there are various diamond cuts. There’s the round–which is one of the most famous–the princess, pear, cushion, heart, Asscher, oval, emerald, marquise, and the radiant.

Apart from the differences in bands, there are also different types of diamond settings. These are the prong setting, channel setting, bar setting, bezel setting, gypsy setting, tension setting, illusion setting, and the cluster setting.

Your jeweler can best explain the aesthetic pros and cons of each diamond cut, band type, and setting option. However the most famous one is the trademarked Tiffany Setting, which was started by Charles Tiffany in 1886. This particular setting “lifts” that diamond away from the band and the finger. This makes the diamond sparkle even more.

Put A Ring On It

There are many considerations when buying an engagement ring. While it all boils down to your budget, jewelry trends, and personal preferences, working with a seasoned jeweler can help you find the right engagement ring for that special person.