3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

invisalignThe use of Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth is growing popular each day. The method is appropriate for mild issues that do not require advanced orthodontic procedures, and they are effective in both teenagers and adults. Their clear nature makes them suitable for people looking for a treatment that won’t call attention to itself.

Before you schedule an appointment for installation of Invisalign in Canton from a trusted dental professional like Williams Orthodontics, however, you need to know what to expect.

1. The recommended time of wear is 22 hours per day

For the treatment to work efficiently, you are expected to wear the aligners for at last 22 hours every day. You need to find out if this is something you can manage before getting on treatment. Fortunately, the aligners are invisible and thus inconspicuous. Having them on at all times should not call attention to yourself. The only time you may have to remove them is while eating.

2. You’ll brush your teeth more frequently

Even as you wear the aligners for the most part of your day, you have to take them off to eat. Since food debris left after eating could lead to the deterioration of teeth and expose you to stinky breath and plaque buildup, you are expected to brush your teeth before putting them back on. You will, therefore, have to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you wherever you go.

3. They stain easily

As indicated earlier, you should always remove the attachments every time you are eating. You can only drink some water while they are still on. Drinking coffee and tea with them on will stain your aligners terribly. You may also want to stay away from lip stains, lipstick, and colored lip gloss. Instead, opt for clear lip glosses and balms during treatment. Also, avoid smoking while wearing the oral appliance as it will cause discoloration.

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With the above in mind, it will be easy to adhere to the instructions given to you by your dentist. Follow them to the letter to achieve desired results.