4 Facts About Whiplash That May Surprise You

Whiplash Chiropractor in DenverIf you have been in a car accident, chances are you’ve experienced a whiplash. Research indicates that whiplash affects more than two million people in the U.S. This type of injury usually takes place when the spine is suddenly shaken, leading to inflamed tissues or misaligned bones.

The whip-like motion overstretching your ligaments, muscles, and joints of your neck and upper back. Whiplash injuries can also happen when your body is violently shaken in a back and forth motion. Here are some facts about whiplash that you need to know:

You Do Not Have to be Involved in a Car Accident

While most whiplash cases happen as a result of a rear or front impact car accidents, this injury can take place at any given time. Denver Integrated Spine Center says that you can get it while skiing, snowboarding, playing football, or even falling. Injury chiropractors in Denver and the rest of Colorado are treating patients because of accidents caused by these activities.

The Risk of Getting Whiplash Injuries Increases as You Grow Old

Seniors who are already suffering from bodily problems, like arthritis, are more prone to whiplash compared to young people. Aging reduces mobility, which means that their muscles lose strength and flexibility. They also do not stretch a lot, which increases the chances of them damaging their neck or back when they experience sudden motion.

You May Not Notice the Symptoms Until it Becomes Worse

People who suffer from whiplash injuries may not notice the symptoms right away. Pain or discomfort might appear after two hours. This condition can even take days, weeks, or months before you can fully notice its symptoms. Never ignore the pain and have an injury chiropractor or any professional know the cause of pain and recommend you the ideal treatment plan.

Rest is Critical, But Not Advisable

When you get injured, the first thing you do is to get some rest since you’re afraid that you may make the pain worse. The more you rest, however, the stiffer your muscles become. Returning to normal activity is best and can actually lessen the healing period.

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After getting into an accident, it’s important that you visit your chiropractor right away. Treatment may take weeks to some months depending on the severity of your injury, but prevention is always better.