4 Important Questions to Ask your Midwife

Pregnant woman and her husbandThe first time you see that positive sign on your pregnancy test kit is just the first page of a whole new chapter in your life. The pregnancy journey in itself is something women are excited and afraid about.

One of the things that every mom-to-be is concerned about is how they will give birth and who will help them in doing so. The option to give birth at a hospital or your home with the aid of a midwife has always been two of the most common methods of giving birth.

If you decide to go with the latter, here are some helpful things you can ask your midwife from wasatchmidwifery.com in Salt Lake City to help you prepare for your birthing journey.

Things to ask your midwife:

1. When is the baby due?

You have most probably taken the at home pregnancy test and have a rough idea on when the baby was formed, but your midwife should be able to estimate how long you are in your pregnancy and give you a projected due date.

2. How often should appointments be throughout the pregnancy?

Depending on your condition, appointments with your midwife should be made at least once a month until the third trimester. But if your pregnancy is a bit more complicated and sensitive, your midwife might see you more often than normal.

3. What are the necessary tests needed?

Urine tests and blood samples, aside from the usual ultrasound are needed to check your sugar levels and other factors that might affect your pregnancy. Other scans to check on your baby’s DNA and possible complications of your child can also be done.

4. What is your policy on hospital transfers?

Inasmuch as you want to go natural, there are times when natural vaginal birth with the help of a midwife is not possible due to individual birthing complications. When this happens, your midwife should know when to seek medical help. As a patient, you should also be aware of this policy.

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Giving birth is a scary and an exciting thing. Therefore, having the right people around to help you in this beautiful and tough time is a must. Choose your midwife wisely.