4 Things to Do For a Bastille Day Celebration Outside France

Pouring the demi-glace sauceBastille Day is an important holiday not just in France, but also in other parts of world. This was when the Storming of Bastille happened during the French Revolution, which became a turning point in the war.

Now, it is celebrated in various cities in the world. While it has shed most of its revolutionary slant, many fun activities and events have taken place on this day. If you are currently not in France, the following ideas may be able to solve your homesickness and make your celebration more special:

Enjoy French food

There is no better way to celebrate Bastille Day than cooking French food. Indulging in French cuisine can take many forms. You can either go to a French restaurant or cook your own food. Prepare one dish with the classic demi-glace sauce. You can get easily get ready-to-use sauces from online shops.

Celebrate Parisian fashion

Paris has become one of the fashion capitals of the world, so Parisian fashion has extended influence in many countries. Dress up and wear your best Parisian-inspired outfit. Go out get ready to turn heads.

Attend a wine, beer, cocktail and cheese tasting

Wine, cheese, beer and cocktail are major elements of French cuisine. Different restaurants and wineries offer tastings during the Bastille, so you may not have to worry about a thing.

Go to a street-side cafe

Spending time in a street-side cafe is one of the most popular French pastimes. If you want to feel “French,” you can never go wrong by sipping coffee in a cozy cafe.

Celebrating a French holiday like the Bastille Day is possible even when you are out of the country. You just have to do something French and think and act as if you are in France.