4 Ways Get Your Kid Super Excited About Their Visit to the Dentist

Kid at the DentistMany parents around the state are desperate to get their kids the best dental care. They know this entails a visit to the dentist every year, but only a few are strangers to the challenge of getting their kid to overcome their fear of a dental visit. With these easy tips, however, you can get your daughter excited about their visit to the dentist.

Make friends with a good dentist

When sitting in a dentist’s chair, the feeling of vulnerability can be overwhelming. That’s why your dentist needs to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Walker Pediatric Dentistry recommends finding a skilled children's dentist in Murray for your kid. The dentist should be able to calm down any feelings of nervousness that your daughter may feel during the procedure.

Explain that the dentist is a friend

Talk to your children about the benefits of good dental hygiene. In the course of the talk, introduce the subject of the dentist. Let your kid know that the dentist is a warm, friendly person that helps take care of their teeth so they are strong and healthy.

Conceal your own dental fears

Most kids who are not comfortable visiting the dentist have picked up their anxiety from one or both of their parents. If you are terrified about dentists, try your best to conceal it, especially when talking to your kids about dental care. In fact, such words as pain or hurt should never be part of your conversation.

Make a pre-visit to the dentist together

Make time to visit a friendly pediatric dentist together, so your child becomes familiar with the office and what goes on there before the actual visit. During this pre-visit, the dentist may gently demonstrate the dental procedure using a doll and answer any questions your daughter may have. This helps your daughter know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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Getting your kid enthusiastic about visiting their dentist is not an insurmountable challenge, but a simple task that you can do if you’re determined. All it takes is a little ingenuity and patience.