4 Ways To Make Your Packaging Beat Your Competitors

Product PackagingYour product package is the first thing your customers see and it directly affects how your products perform in the market. Here are four ways to make them stand out from competition.

1. Personalise Your product packaging

We don’t mean putting the names of your customers on the package. Personalising it means talking to your target audience through your product package. And you can do this by studying your demographic and giving them what they’re looking for. When your target customer walks down the grocery aisle and sees your problem along with others, your package should be able to do the talking.

2. Make It a Part of the Customer Experience

Take a look at Apple’s packaging. They’re minimalist, clean, and sharp. In fact, it’s so simple but it has given birth to many “unboxing” videos on YouTube and has helped create a legion of loyal fans. This is because Apple includes package design in their marketing strategy. They are providing their customers with a sensory experience the moment they enter an Apple store and this experience extends to the packaging. It’s part of the whole customer experience.

3. It Should Add Value to Your Product

Your product package is an extension of your brochure, your website, your social media accounts, your billboards and your entire marketing campaign. You need to invest in it because it is the first thing your customers see when you come across your product. When customers see a well-crafted product package they immediately think that the company gave much thought and budget to this product and all its components. Therefore, it adds value to your product even at first glance.

4. It Should Be Functional

People are finding more ways on how to reuse items, especially product packaging. There are customers who are turned off by package designs that are too bulky or can only be used one time. Reusable packaging can help you compete better with rivals. If you’ve created a package design that can be resealed or reused several times, do highlight it in the package. You can also take into consideration if your product package can be stored well. You can also try going the eco-friendly route; Signet notes that even luxury packaging designs can have multiple uses once the package has been opened.

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Package It Well

Your package design has a direct effect on your product’s aisle performance. It is the first thing that your customers see so make sure they communicate exactly what you have in mind. So make sure your packaging is well though-of, functional, elegant and eye-catching.