4 Ways to Take Care of Your Joints as You Get Older

Woman getting a massageThe joints in your body are important for activities such as running and lifting things. And just like every part of your body, they can serve you longer if you take care of them well. But sometimes, work, exercise or aging can cause joint pain that can vary from mild to severe, depending on your lifestyle.

Doctors from Necks to Heaven say that you can reduce pain and increase the range of motion of your joints by having them cleared of any scar tissues. You can also take hot baths to relax your joints and muscles.

But you could also take care of your joints as soon you enter adulthood, keeping them healthy even as you age. Here’s how.

Use your palms more than your knuckles

Putting too much weight on your joint knuckles will wear them out easily. And nobody wants painful hands getting in the way of their daily activities. Your palms can take more weight and are also more stable. Use them.

Don’t stay in one position for a long time

The internet age has made everyone slaves to sitting for long periods of time. Because there’s no movement, your joints become painful once they start to move. Take breaks to stand and walk every 20–30 minutes.

Know the proper way of carrying things

Depending on the size and weight of the object, your body must be positioned properly so the weight of the object you are carrying can be evenly distributed among the joints when you carry it.

Keep the right weight for your height

Being overweight affects your joints as your body presses down on the joints. Know the right weight for your height and maintain that weight.

Taking care of your joints as early as you can in life will have definite advantages when you grow old. All it takes is the knowledge of these five tips, and you’ll be skipping and hopping even in your senior years.