A Cause of Snoring a Lot of People Are Not Aware Of

A sleeping woman and her roommates trying to stop her from snoring There are several different possible reasons behind your snores – the sounds you produce while sleeping. Sinus problems, a loose or hanging tissue in the throat, obstructed airways, clogged nasal passages, and obesity are some of the most common.

However, many people do not know that their snoring can also be a direct result of their misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth, which can come in many different forms, cause a blockage in the airways. This then gives rise to snoring. An overbite is one of the most common ways teeth misalignment can occur.

It is important you look at all your possible treatment options, one of which is dental braces that you can get from a highly experienced Stafford, VA orthodontist such as Southpoint Quality Dental.

What an Overbite Looks Like

In people with an overbite, their upper teeth overlap their lower teeth. In other words, when they close their mouths, the upper teeth sit in front of the lower teeth, creating a gap in between.

Note that it is normal to have a slight overbite, as you would have difficulties chewing or biting if the upper teeth keep landing directly on the lower teeth. This slight overbite also protects the teeth and jawbone from fractures and damages.

An overbite that causes snoring and numerous other issues occur when the space the upper teeth creates when it sits on the lower teeth is too big.

When an Overbite Should Concern You

When you have an excessive overbite, your upper teeth overlap those at the bottom by more than half of the tooth’s length (typically an overlap of around 2 to 3mm).

This type of malocclusion, also commonly known as excessive overbite, does not just cause snoring; it can also result in other issues that make biting, chewing, and speaking difficult. It can also cause discomfort, even pain. And in some cases, tooth and jaw fractures.

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Seeking Immediate Help

To minimize or prevent snoring, you can use mouth guards (also called night guards). However, if the cause of your sleeping sound issues is an overbite, it is better to have the root problem resolved. This way, you can fix not just your snoring, but also all the other complications of having misaligned tooth.