Adolescent Medicine: Does It Really Matter?

Adolescent Medicine in OremIn the continually evolving era of digital technology, new devices to observe and interpret health appear daily. But to most people in Orem, familiarity with adolescent medicine as a medical subspecialty is rare. Adolescent specialists such as, who focus on either pediatrics or family medical, handle every aspect of health needs of their adolescent patients.

Why is this subspecialty so important?

Experts finally considered adolescent medicine as a vital subspecialty when they realized the health necessities of these young people. The transition phase into healthy adulthood along with constant societal change marks this important stage in their life. Adolescents have distinct needs in the social, psychological and physical realm that require a specially customized focus.

Adolescent medicine demands doctors who know other medical disciplines to take care of the distinct needs of adolescents. However, the Council of Pediatric Subspecialties reveals that the U.S. currently has a shortage of adolescent specialists.

What is the focus of an adolescent medical physician?

According to an article published in the New York Times entitled Treating the Awkward Years, the subspecialists mainly address issues of developing sexuality, substance abuse and psychosocial problems. The physicians also treat orthopedic complications, dermatology, gynecology, psychology and sports medicine. They will form treatment plans, request diagnostic tests, execute medical exams, as well as, the complete medical history.

What is the future of adolescent medicine?

Experts are continuously trying to understand common behavioral trends among adolescents. They know that adolescent obesity, HIV and HPV will impact their overall health into adulthood. The increased use of social media and technology will affect their lifestyle choices, which is why their families should understand how it can influence their lives.

Adolescent stage is a critical phase as it is their turning point before becoming full-fledged adults. This stage will define their health and their lifestyle choices that will shape their adult life.