Adson Bipolar Forceps: Key to Minimising Tissue Adhesion

Surgeons reducing tissue adhesion from the client's bodyAll surgeries require the formation of adequate blood clotting, as this helps minimise bleeding that naturally occurs during these medical operations. This is extremely important since the lack of coagulation can result in abnormalities, especially those that develop after a patient’s exposure to certain compounds or agents.

For this reason, manufacturers of surgical tools and devices have continued to improve their products and develop new ones with the intent of reducing the possibility of excessive bleeding. The same is true for surgical techniques, which — when combined with high-quality tools like Adson bipolar forceps — work towards achieving optimal surgery results with as little bleeding as possible.

Bipolar forceps and their primary uses

At its core, these surgical devices are electro-cauterisation tools necessary during surgeries since they provide the medical team with precise desiccation and enhanced coagulation control. With their innovative technology, they help in reducing tissue adhesion, which lessen the risks of possible trauma.

Bipolar forceps featuring a non-stick finish, aside from reducing the odds of adhesions, also make it possible to protect healthy tissues throughout the medical procedure.

Availability of various models for optimal results

As surgeries come in different forms and have a variety of applications and purposes, it’s necessary for surgical teams to use the most appropriate tools that will give them the highest rate of success. To achieve these goals, manufacturers of modern bipolar forceps have integrated the latest in technology to reduce the odds of adhesions, while also increasing the tension needed for tissue preparation.

Nowadays, you’ll find these surgical essentials in non-insulated variants as well as those equipped with medical-grade insulation. These are also available in designs boasting of micro-form handle, reverse action, and minimally invasive designs. In terms of metal materials used, the most common you’ll find include stainless steel and titanium.