Adventure Commando: Conquer the Perth Summer by Land, Sea and Air

Skydiving in PerthSummer is in Australia, and with it comes the yearly summer vacation people look forward to. At this time of the year, temperatures rise, and so does the excitement. If you fancy yourself an adventure extraordinaire looking to get more during the season in Perth, well, you have come to the right place. The city offers many great destinations and experiences for people, tourists and locals alike. The sights and sounds, the natural flora and fauna, the history and everything in between are more than enough to make the city your prime stop for the season.

But for other people, the usual itinerary is not enough for them. They want excitement. Lucky for them, they will not be disappointed. If you are feeling daring and intrepid, here are a few ways you can enjoy your stay by land, sea and air!

By Land

For starters, going through the adventure on the warm earth is a good deal. The city boasts impressive outdoor locales such as natural parks and the like. A go-to activity for the adventurous traveller is to go on a hike on one of these magnificent trails. Bring your outdoor gear and prepare for a long trek ahead. If you wish to get a little more challenge, there are rock-climbing activities available for you within the city.

By Sea

If setting foot on terra firma no longer tickles your adventure bone, then you can move to the next battlespace: the water. Perth being a city with a number of beaches, seaside attractions are never rare. On the water, you can go kayaking, surfing or diving. With such great waters around it, the possibilities are endless.

By Air

When you are satisfied by the land and sea parts of your adventure, take it to the next level by taking to the skies. Adventuring through the city by air is something you should not miss. There are a number of great activities you can try high up. For starters, you can go explore the heights on hot-air balloons. Hire a plane and a pilot to give you a scenic tour of the place. Or if you are craving for an adrenaline rush, why not jump out of the plane altogether and go sky diving? As they say, the sky is the limit. Professionals from suggest that you experience landing on Australia’s finest beaches.

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Summer is now. Do not let it slip past you. Sally forth now on the greatest adventure of the year!