Alcohol or Drug Rehab – Why a Women Only Center is a Good Choice

Rehab ProgramWhen life gets stressful, most people turn to alcohol or drugs to help them cope.  It is not easy to acknowledge that there is a problem.  The biggest step is to sign up for help.  With all the choices available for rehab and help, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  There are gender specific rehab programs and women only rehab centers are quite helpful.

Gender specific treatment programs are based on the specific needs of a particular gender.  Men and women have different social issues and styles – these call for different strategies and treatment methods.  Women only rehab centers focus on helping women with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support.  Such centers help women relax and find a supportive atmosphere.

Why choose a gender specific program?

There have been many studies to show that people with substance issues have some mental illness or health condition to deal with.  Women are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Counselors in such programs can work with each person to address their unique needs in individual or group therapy sessions.  If the co-occurring heath problem is not dealt with properly, it will impact recovery.

It is also likely that girls and women with substance abuse issues have had some trauma in their lives, whether it is physical or sexual abuse.  They use drugs or alcohol to cope with the pain. Women only rehab centers are beneficial as they can discuss their issues openly. Understanding and support is freely available and there is no need for embarrassment.

Men and women suffer relapses for different reasons.  Women struggle more with interpersonal problems, leading to a relapse.  Gender specific programs can help women with coping mechanisms to resolve their issues.

Women only rehab centers like are better as there are no distractions.  In a regular setting, there is always a chance that a girl/woman wants to impress the opposite sex with clothing or behavior.  This takes away from the main job of getting a solution for the important issues at hand.

As a responsible adult, it is important to figure out how to get the help and get one’s life back on track.  This becomes even more essential if there are children involved.