Alternative London: Make Your Holiday in The Big Smoke Better

Alternative LondonTo take photos standing beside a big red phone box, in front of parliament, Big Ben or the London Eye is expected when visiting London on holiday. Thing is, most people do not realise that there is so much more to London than just these. 

London is a beautiful city full of experiences that typically do not cost much, but people are so afraid of going beyond what is recommended by standard travel guides and blogs. With all the navigation systems available to everyone, it is very easy to find things and make your way back. Speaking of accommodation in London, LHA London says there are better options for prolonged stays, allowing visitors to use the extra they saved in travel expenses to go to these alternative attractions:

Catch a Performance

Aside from being an important global financial hub, London is home to one of the most prestigious performance art schools and venues in the world. To make it even more interesting, try catching one of the midnight shows at West End, the most famous theatre district in the world. For people not so hot on live performances, The Aubin Cinema is perfect. Watch a movie, sit comfortably and get ‘mortaled’ with cocktails.

Follow the Trail

A conversation about London eventually pivots to one of its most famous sons, Jack the Ripper. One of the most mysterious, mythical and malevolent murderers in the city’s history, everyone is bound to be curious about the legend. There is a tour that actually brings people to the known trail that Jack travelled on. A surreal reliving of one of the most terrifying periods in London, it is worth every pound.

Fringe of Society

Camden Town sounds unremarkable, but its most famous daughter, Amy Winehouse, should give everyone an idea what the place is like. Dubbed the hipster corner of London, this area personifies alternative. From buskers and tattoo parlours, to jewellery and fashion, people find things here that they cannot find in high streets in central London.

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There are so many things to do and places to go in the city that are not found on most guides. More often than not, these alternatives make the expensive trip to London much better.