Alzheimer’s Disease: What Happens to Patients?

A Man With Alzheimer's DiseaseIt is normal for many older people to misplace things or forget someone else’s name occasionally. When forgetfulness, however, is becoming frequent or when the person doesn’t remember how to get home or ask the same questions repeatedly, it could be signs of a more serious problem. That person may have Alzheimer’s disease, a brain illness that impairs memory and thinking skills.

Alzheimer’s disease begins slowly, with some people not knowing that they have it. Most believe that old age is the reason for their memory problems and confusion. The sad part is, their forgetfulness gets severe that it sometimes interfere with their daily lives and activities. Alzheimer’s care communities in Las Vegas such as Legacy House of Centennial Hills also note the disease gets worse over time, with the person exhibiting changes in personality and behavior.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Those with the said brain illness often have trouble in accomplishing certain activities like paying bills, driving a car, or organizing a dinner for the family. They also get easily confused even in simple things and get lost easily. Some people, furthermore, become irritable, moody, and violent. Their memory loss and confusion cause them to develop such negative behaviors.

Severe Cognitive Impairment

As the disease progresses, many people have delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. They may begin accusing loved ones of stealing their possessions or fooling them. They may also display aggression because of different factors like poor communication and unknown circumstances. In the late stages, they will need someone for primary care, such as bathing and feeding.

Getting Help Immediately

It is important to know the early signs of the disease to get help immediately. If someone in the family experienced forgetfulness that gets in the way of daily activities, it is best to call the doctor. Seeing a healthcare professional at the early stages helps patients know the reason for their forgetfulness. For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, finding out about the problem early on can give the family a time to prepare for care.

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There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but there are medicines that can treat the symptoms. It is best to get the right help to give the patients the care and treatment they deserve.