An Introduction to Wisdom Tooth Removal to Prepare Yourself for Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal in BoiseMillions of people undergo surgery in dental clinics due to impacted third molars or wisdom teeth. About 85 percent of the population may need to have these potentially bothersome teeth dealt with professionally. What do you do if your dentist makes the recommendation?

You can prepare yourself. This is a brief but informative primer on wisdom tooth surgery.

Learn about the risks

All surgical procedures have inherent risks and the ones performed by dentists are no exception. Deep-rooted third molars may not emerge properly due to overcrowding. Surgery designed to remove the possibility of nerve damage may cause the very ill it intends to prevent. That is, when performed by someone without proper training or inadequate experience.

Do not put it off

Are you keen on getting advice on wisdom tooth removal from a Boise dentist? When you find the time for a consult, do not be surprised if all the professionals you speak to advises not to put it off. Third molar removal becomes riskier as one gets older. If you keep holding it off, the surgery is more painful than usual. The risk for complications may also increase twofold.

Are you a candidate?

During the examination, the dentist will determine whether indeed the trapping of your third molars within the jaw will cause problems for you later on. Some teeth erupt partially or erupt fully but in a crooked position. In these cases, the dentist will recommend surgical removal. If there is an infection, which is due to accumulation of bacteria in the area where the third molars are partially exposed, then surgery is likely to be recommended as well.

When poorly aligned third molars may damage other teeth. If not fully emerged, the impacted tooth may impinge on nerves. The dentist who recommended third molar removal has good reason to do so. Trust your dentist when he or she says the best option for you is surgery, and learn what you can to lower risks and prevent complications.