Baby Bump: When Will it Start Showing?

Pregnant woman with her hands on her bellyIf you found out that you’re pregnant, you may be wondering when your belly begins to show its bump. There’s no specific time, as this varies for every woman. Some may start showing in the first three months, while others might show a noticeable bump in the second trimester. After getting a positive on the pregnancy test, some may also see bloating, but isn’t necessarily a bump.

It’s common for first-time mothers to see a change in their belly from 12 to 16 weeks. If this is your first, the bump often shows later than those who have been through it once. If this, however, is not your first pregnancy, you may notice changes a little sooner, as the muscles in the belly and uterus may have been stretched before.

Your uterus may start to expand by about 12 weeks. This signals the start of you looking pregnant. By about 16 weeks, your bump may start to show, as this is the time when the uterus is stretching to fit the growing baby. Family Health Services and other gynecological care centers in Sandusky, Ohio states that there are other factors that can influence the appearance of your pregnant belly:


Older women usually start showing sooner. Younger moms tend to have stronger muscles in the stomach, which can hide the bump.

The number of babies. If you’re expecting twins or multiples, you’re likely to show earlier. This is because your uterus is stretching more to fit the babies.

Size and body type

Slimmer moms or those with a smaller frame often show sooner. If you’re carrying an extra weight in the tummy, you may not notice the bump in the earliest stages. You may notice it as soon as the baby starts to grow.

Uterus positioning

Having a retroverted uterus (tilted back) may cause you to show later than expected. An anteverted uterus (tilted forward), on the other hand, may cause your pregnant belly to show sooner.

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If you’re concerned about the size of your bump, it is best to see a healthcare provider. This is to ease your worries and help you manage the pregnancy better.