Back Pain? Alternative Ways to Manage Pain

Back PainBack pain is a serious problem because it lowers quality of life and makes it difficult for a person to do routine tasks or even do their job. Certain people have high thresholds for pain, but leaving the problem alone will make it worse over time and may lead to other injuries.

The causes of back pain vary, it may be work-related, an existing physical condition, a fall or from sickness, but despite the cause, certain ways enable you to alleviate the pain you or others are feeling.

Altered Focus

This is a popular method for displaying how powerful the mind is over the body. To alleviate the pain, focus on any specific non-painful part of your body and imagine altering the sensation you feel in that part. For example, think that your hand is warming up or your feet feeling cool. This practice makes your mind off the back pain you are experiencing.


Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles at certain points in your body to alleviate pain. The treatment may seem scary, but the results after each session will make you return often. This treatment may last for a few hours or weeks, depending on your need. This is ideal if you are suffering from nerve-related pain or muscle spasms.

If you like the treatment so much, you can get certification or take a short course from institutions such as the College of Naturopathic Medicine Ireland. A certificate enables you to perform acupuncture on loved ones who are also suffering from body pains.

Yoga and Pilates

The stretching and strengthening exercises in both Yoga and Pilates improve your core. A stronger midsection reduces the possibility of chronic back pain as it provides ample support for the rest of the body. These also help you relax and unwind after a stressful day at work because they allow you to recharge lost energy.

These are some of the alternative treatments to look into when you have chronic back pain. Proper posture and frequent exercise reduce muscle aches and pains.