Balding Man Increases Tinder Matches by 75% After Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant procedureFirst impressions matter. Richard King, a 31-year old man suffering from male pattern baldness, is taking first impressions to a whole new level, though. After noticing that he received more attention from women after getting a hair transplant, he decided to set up two separate Tinder profiles. One featured his pre-surgery mane while the other was a picture of himself with his new locks. King was surprised to find out that his Tinder matches in his post-hair transplant profile went up by 75%.

Improving Confidence and Self-Esteem

Before deciding to visit a hair transplant clinic, King thought the procedure was only appropriate for older men or elite athletes. While he had managed to cover up his hair loss by styling his hair in a certain way, he always felt conscious of whether his crowning glory was out of place, revealing a bald spot. But since his receding hairline was affecting his self-esteem, he decided to push through with hair transplant surgery even if he was only in his early thirties.

Having Thicker Hair Leads to more Tinder Matches

Over ten days, King was surprised that his new locks increased his Tinder matches by 75% — compared to the 116 matches he got on his pre-transplant photo, he ended up with 203 matches with his new hair. Following the procedure, the bachelor also noticed an increase in interest from the opposite sex.

King’s personal study is not the first of its kind. A 2009 study also shows that women prefer dating men with a head full of hair. Other reports, however, show that women find bald men masculine, dominant, and sexy. It would be more accurate to say, then, that attracting members of the opposite sex depends on personal charm and carrying oneself with confidence.

King’s decision to undergo a hair transplant and the subsequent success it brought to his dating life not only removes the stigma surround hair loss surgery among younger men — it also helps males embraces a new sense of confidence and masculinity. As long as individuals end up feeling more comfortable about their appearance afterwards, then surgery is definitely something worth spending on.