Beach Fun in Sentosa: Take Your Pick of the Three

Sentosa IslandSentosa off the coast of Singapore is an island that is worth a visit. The island boasts several beaches, amusement parks, attractions, shopping centres, and much more. The island has numerous such offerings that you can spend three days there and still have so much to do and so many places to go.

Party in Siloso

Go to Siloso Beach in Singapore’s Sentosa Island, and you will have three options for beach and water fun. The first you will see is Siloso Beach. Many visitors frequent the beach given its proximity to public transport.

Siloso Beach offers the usual beach amenities, several foods and shopping options, and a wide array of water sports and activities. You can even find themed bars and clubs there. Events and parties can go on until midnight when the beach closes.

Family Fun in Palawan

If you want a family-friendly beach, you can find Palawan Beach west of Siloso. The wide stretch of white sand caters specifically to families. The area also has a few bars for adults, but many restaurants and stores offer kids and adults the chance to have fun here.

Relaxation in Tanjong

Do you want a relaxing day at the beach? Head on over to Tanjong Beach which is some ways off to the south of Sentosa. The warm waters of the beach make for a relaxing time under the sun. The beach has a popular bar that hosts parties twice a month, but its daytime services also provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Besides the beaches in Sentosa, there are other entertainments and activities in Singapore that travellers and visitors will find entertaining and fun. But make sure to visit Sentosa and experience the excitement its beaches bring.