Beyond Beauty: Smiles and Self-Esteem

What can a smile do? Americans have obsessed over perfect smiles for a very long time. What is all this obsession for? Smiles may be judged based on aesthetic appeal, but smiles seem to dig deeper than just beauty.

Smile through Day

Research have shown that several beneficial factors may be attributed to smiling. For one, smiles are great way to boost mood. According to the data from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, many people feel like smiling when they see others smiling. Other benefits of smiling include a boost in happiness, an addition of seven years to a person’s lifespan, a boost to the immune system, and appeal.

Gain that Smile

Smiling can be embarrassing for some. They may feel that their smiles are unappealing, giving them low self-esteem. You may feel the same way. Thanks to advances in dentistry, however, you can easily obtain a perfect smile. Kurt Schneider, DDS notes you can undergo procedures by a cosmetic dentist in Orange County to give you the smile you want.

What a Smile Brings

What can a smile resulting from cosmetic dentistry do? According to an expert in the field, people may feel a sudden rise in self-esteem. With this renewed self-esteem, they also feel a renewed sense of youth and confidence.

Smiling Away Abuse

Now, it may be good to hear it in general terms, but specifics can show even better proof of smiles that transforms lives. From the accounts of several dentists, domestic abuse survivors benefited greatly from smiles enhanced by cosmetic dentistry. Because of the abuse, their sense of worth was crippled. With their new smiles, however, they found new hope. They were able to build themselves up again and pursued new lives.

Self-esteem is a great factor that affects any person deeply. When something as small as a smile can affect something as important as self-esteem, you may understand why a smile can be a vital part of an American life. With a smile, you can gain this reported rise in self-esteem as well.