Beyond Teeth Straightening: Other Benefits to Braces

Woman smiling with her bracesWhen people talk about dental braces, many of them say that these dental appliances only have a single purpose: to straighten teeth.

While teeth-straightening is, indeed, one of the main reasons for undergoing the treatment, the alignment process itself brings about many other benefits beyond improving a person’s appearance.

From improved teeth and gum health to reduced teeth fractures and damages, orthodontics can benefit anyone who suffers from malocclusion, or poor bite. This is why orthodontic treatment providers, such as Southpoint Quality Dental, continue to recommend braces as being more than a cosmetic treatment.

Better Teeth and Gum Health

There are various types of malocclusion, including overcrowding, cross-bite, under-bite, and overbite. While they may appear differently, they can all result in early (premature) teeth wearing, fractures, and gum problems (swelling, irritation, and redness) as well as periodontal diseases, due to the additional stress placed on the teeth.

One of the keys to minimizing these risks is to seek orthodontic treatment. Technological advancements have also allowed braces to be more discreet and comfortable. As a result, more and more patients of all ages are getting braces.

Thorough Oral Hygiene

Malocclusion also create issues with teeth spacing – either there’s too much (as in gap teeth) or too little (overcrowding). Whichever of these two you experience, you most likely have a difficult time achieving optimal oral hygiene, since your misaligned teeth make it harder for you to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly due to restricted access. This can result in tooth decay and gum problems, too.

With the power of orthodontics to gently but gradually nudge your teeth into ideal locations, you’ll soon see these cleaning difficulties lift; thus, giving you better access for thorough cleaning.

To sum, there is a lot more to braces than just a better-looking smile. The sooner you get treatment, the faster ideal results can be achieved.