Bouncing Back after Baby: What to Ask Your Doctor before a Mommy Makeover

Mother and childGetting that fit and firm body after pregnancy is challenging. Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures available that make it possible, not to mention, easier. A great example is the mommy makeover in Utah. A series of procedures is all it takes for you to get that shapely, to-die-for body.

It all sounds so promising, but some moms can’t shake off the anxiety. It’s a big life change you’ll experience. But do realize that worrying often comes from the fear of the unknown. The best way to tackle this is to arm yourself with as much information as you can.

When you go in at a consultation with your doctor, it’s best to ask them these questions:

Am I a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

Before delving into the details of the procedure, you have to know if you’re qualified for a mommy makeover. Like other procedures, the minimum requirement is good health.

Your plastic surgeon will most likely want to know if you don’t plan on having any more children. Women who are done with having kids are ideal candidates for this makeover. Utah plastic surgeons recommend seriously thinking about this decision.

Which Procedures are Involved?

When you and the plastic surgeon agree you’re a good candidate, you should know which procedures your mommy makeover would include. Mommy makeovers typically involve liposuction, breast enhancement, and tummy tuck.

But each makeover is unique. It depends on the look you want to achieve and how long it has been since you’ve had your last child.

How’s the Recovery Like?

It’s important to ask about the recovery process so you can gauge when you can get back to your normal routines, like going back to work. Some moms often take a break from work for a month to recover from the procedure.

But again, your own recovery is unique, much like your procedure, because it depends on the number and type of operations done. It’s also important to note that a part of the recovery is avoiding heavy lifting.

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You should also ask your doctor when you’ll see results. It usually takes three to four months after the makeover.

Ease your anxieties by having an honest communication with your cosmetic surgeon. This way, you can better appreciate this big makeover major life change.