Career Options For Hospitality and Tourism Management Students

Hotel ManagerThe travel industry is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic aspects of the global economy. In fact, it accounts for just a little less than 10 percent  of the worldwide GDP, however it is expected to grow even more in the coming years, if current trends continue to rise, the industry is poised to expand its numbers, not just in the number of travellers, but also in tourism trends such as food tourism and eco-tourism.

For students who are studying hospitality and tourism management programs, they know they are set for promising careers in the tourism and hospitality industry. James Cook University Singapore  says they can expect a rich and fulfilling career in the following positions.

  1. Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, you are expected to oversee all aspects of running a hotel, from hiring staff to managing its day to day activities. Hotel managers must be able to demonstrate a rare mixture of strong people skills and a sharp business acumen.

  1. Executive Chef

An executive chef is responsible for managing all kitchen operations in a restaurant. You are in charge of planning the menu, sourcing the ingredients, and making sure all staff are fulfilling their duties.

  1. Event Coordinator

Event management is the perfect career for fun-loving individuals. Whether you are organising high-profile music festivals, corporate holiday parties, or formal galas for non-government organisations, this career option allows you to thrive in different environments at all times.

  1. Tour Operator

If you love to travel, you can set up a tour operator business. As a tour operator, you need to check various travel locales and the available service providers. You need to create a tour package that many travellers would be interested to join as a tour group. You can coordinate with travel agencies in order to ensure that your clients will get the proper attention.

  1. Spa Manager

Spa and wellness tourism  is one of the burgeoning aspects of the tourism industry. Spa managers are now in demand, as many travellers wish to spend leisure trips and holidays on a wellness and relaxation tour. For most spa mangers, they need to know the available treatments (facials, massages, body scrubs, etc.) but also manage the daily activities of the spa: record-keeping, scheduling, and staff training.

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A plethora of career choices await students who choose to work in the industry. The world has become a smaller place thanks to tourism, and now that people have discovered the wonders of traveling, the industry is expected to benefit even more.