Caring for Teeth Where It Matters: On the Go Dental Care

Dental CareTypically, when a person leaves their home, dental goes down their list of priorities. Dental care stays behind at the house, resuming only once a person returns. But, dentists say that people should take care of their teeth even more outside than they do at home, especially if a person spends the better part of their day away from the toothbrush. Dental care outside the home is not even as difficult as many make it out to be.

Outdoor Dining

Dentists from Warrendale Dental Care say that while brushing your teeth two times a day, two minutes at a time significantly helps in keeping your dental structure at optimal condition, it is not nearly enough. They say that in between these two brushing sessions, typically one in the morning and one at night, your teeth face certain risks.

For one, people who spend the majority of their day outside may have more meals in between the two brushing sessions than immediately before or after them. This leaves teeth prone to damage, with no opportunity to clean itself throughout.

Chewing After Chewing

One of the most popular pieces of advice dentists give patients looking to adopt an ‘on the go’ dental care regimen is to chew sugarless gum throughout day. Adding sugarless gum to your oral health routine helps prevent acidity in the mouth. Twenty minutes of chewing after every meal is enough time for saliva to reduce the pH level inside the mouth.

Dentists also say that keeping a ‘travel toothbrush’ is a great way of keeping a person’s teeth in optimal cleanliness. Though most people would not bother packing and carrying a dental hygiene kit around, it remains as the best approach to caring for your teeth outside the home, clearing out any food particles and mitigating the risk of enamel erosion.

People should not limit dental care to the places where it is most convenient. Caring for your teeth is most crucial during times when people take it for granted, because it means a person is too distracted to realise the damage they are causing their teeth.