Charming History: The Everlasting Appeal of Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelet from OntarioFrom gem-covered figurines to miniatures of Buddha, charm bracelets disclose a lot about a person wearing them. Find out the beginnings of your favorite adornments before visiting more jewellery stores in Toronto and Ontario to add more to your collection.

The Olden Charm

Jewellery experts believe that charms began in the Neolithic era, where people of that time would gather unique pieces of wood or stone. They’ll take these with them everywhere they go to protect themselves from enemies. Meanwhile, Egyptian Pharaohs took this to another level by creating extravagant jewellery made of metals and precious stones. This was the emergence of charm bracelets and necklaces.

Despite their luxurious lifestyle, they didn’t truly enjoy their embellishments for a long time because their lifespan is only around 30 to 40 years old. To make up for lost time, they decided to prepare for a flourishing life after death with the use of charms. They not only considered charm neck and wrist bracelets as signs of status and protective shields. They also used these as ID tags to assist Gods in leading the to the correct status level in the afterlife.

The Modern Charm

Fast forward several centuries later, the 1990s picked up the love of charms when the love for collectibles surged. More demanded vintage charms and charm bracelets led to a price hike. A gold charm now costs around USD 70 when it used to be only USD 10 in the 1950s. Some even sold antique mechanical charms that had moving parts to serious collectors.

Despite the arrival of selling arenas and the huge demand, the cost of purchasing vintage gold charms didn’t show hints of decline in the new century.

Even today, the charms have lured the fashion industry, which opened up to more designs entering the market. If history is any indication, the charm of charm bracelets will never go out of style.