Closing the Gap: Is Fixing Diastema Worth It?

Teeth Gaps The gap-toothed beauty is an iconic image among celebrities. Some people see it as an aesthetic flaw, while some see it as a thing of beauty or in simple words, an asset.

For this reason, many young girls decide to keep their gap-toothed smiles. While a gap in between your teeth can be charming, it can be a serious dental problem as well, especially for adults. Many people ask, however: is fixing this cosmetic issue worth it? Let’s find out.

Understanding Diastema

A diastema is a space or gap between two teeth which usually occur between the two upper front teeth. But gaps may also occur elsewhere. Diastema is a result of having teeth small enough for the jaw bone. It is the opposite condition of crowded teeth, which occurs if the teeth are bigger than the jaw bone.

Spaces between the teeth develop differently and for various reasons, depending on the development of a person’s teeth from childhood to adulthood. There are also certain habits that cause the gap to widen, such as pushing the tongue against the front teeth.

In children, gaps develop when their mouths begin to outgrow their baby teeth. But usually, the gaps close when adult teeth come out. Gaps between permanent teeth will occur when there is too much space in the jaw for the size of the teeth. More often, the gap is wider between the upper front teeth.

Is Fixing Diastema Worth It?

Diastema affects people in different ways. Some would feel uncomfortable with the sensation while some would have trouble enjoying their food. In some cases, gaps are a result of a serious condition, such as a tumour in your mouth and gum disease. Cosmetic dentistry aims to fix these issues to prevent them from creating other problems in your teeth, gums and jaw bones.

A diastema may just be a minor issue that does not require immediate attention, but more often than not, it is part of a bigger problem. Fixing a gap is definitely worth it if it means you can prevent a more serious condition to develop.

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If you or your child has gaps in between the teeth, talk with your dentist right away to determine the root cause of the problem and if treatment should begin right away. Bear in mind that treatments, such as teeth bonding, braces or retainers, can fix the gap but you should take measures to keep them from coming back.