Common Skin Disorders in Children

Seborrheic dermatitis on head of a childThe skin is the largest organ in the body and the most exposed to contact with the outside world. This makes it most prone to disease and damage. From children to adults, all are susceptible to a particular type of skin disease.

It is of importance to note that skin disease can be either permanent or temporary. Some diseases may also present themselves only under certain conditions. Lastly, specific kinds of skin diseases only affect children, while others only affect adults.

No matter the type of skin disease, it is important to see a dermatologist in Midvale such as Brian J. Williams, M.D. while the disease is still in its infant stage. That said, below are some of the skin diseases that mostly affect children.

1. Hemangiomas

This type of skin disease often affects the areas around the head, neck, and face. Its symptoms include small red bumps or scratches on the skin. With time the bumps and scratches increase in size and manifest themselves as large growths.

In some cases, the bumps can be found in complex organs, such as the liver. You should note that the bumps and scratches can disappear without any medical attention, but some may need removal.

2. Impetigo

This is a very common and contagious skin disease. It appears as itchy blisters and sores and mostly affects the areas around the face and mouth. With time the blisters will burst, leaving behind a crust. Impetigo often lasts a week with the right kind of treatment.

3. Dermatomyositis

Statistics show that this skin disease is rare and that although it mostly affects children between the age of 5 and 15, it is also common in adults ages 40–60. Its symptoms include swelling and muscle weakness, and it presents itself as a red or purple rash.

You will find this rash on the face, nails, and chest. Unfortunately, a cure for dermatomyositis is yet to be discovered, but there exist treatments that mitigate the symptoms.

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Skin diseases can significantly affect the aesthetic appeal of your child’s skin, especially in the case that the disease leaves a scar. This might affect the child psychologically when they grow up making them less social. It is therefore of great importance that you have any condition treated in due time to prevent its spread and scarring.