Cooking Sous Vide: Fancy Food without Actual Fanciness

French Cooking 101 When it comes to food, there are a few who do it better than the French does. This culinary superiority is obvious in an unfortunate nickname given to them during the war, but it nonetheless confirms their love for good delicacies. Locally prepared food, however, is difficult to get right. Even the simplest recipes require the more exotic ingredients and delicate preparation.

Thus, only professional chefs know the secrets of the French. Yet, small European methods have become public knowledge and none more common than the sous vide. It is surprising that this technique is French at all. It is easy for new cooks to mistake it for something modern, even American.

It is not, and any cook would be better off learning this way of cooking. With the help of product suppliers, such as New Zealand Food Equipment Specialist, it will be much easier to get it right.

The Way to a Perfect Steak

More often than not, people overcook steak. Now, this kind of meat is sensitive to anything it should not have. It is also hard to gauge if a steak is bad, as many people prefer it a certain way. This is one of the few ways sous vide is the perfect way to cook a steak. From the first step to the last, cooks are ensuring the flavour of the meat.

Temperature is still important, and it must be exact. People can do it in a combi oven, a water bath or any cooker that can hold the perfect heat. This is an exact method, which makes it intimidating to many. It is, however, worth the time and effort to perfect sous vide. Apart from adding an uncommon, but effective cooking skill, many dishes will improve with it.

The Simplest Tools

It will be hard to convince a sceptic that cooking a steak is possible with a Ziploc bag and hot water. This is achievable, but only to the sous chefs of sous vide. It is an ingenious, but hard way of cooking, but it educates a cook regarding a vital approach: do more with less.

Learning anything French when it comes to food will always be challenging. That is why they get big salaries. Even without the money, any cook should be motivated to learn a little from them. Packing meat is the easiest, but it packs the meat with flavour.