CoolSculpting: Why Keeping Fat Off Is Important

Woman having CoolSculpting procedurePlastic surgery and other procedures enhance parts of the body that may be causing insecurities. Each state may be interested in a particular procedure. In 17 U.S. states, CoolSculpting is a popular search term. It seems the relatively new treatment continues to draw interest, which makes sense considering how the non-invasive procedure works.

For Salt Lake City residents curious about the procedure, here’s what you should know:

Freezing Fat

CoolSculpting promises that it can destroy fat cells in targeted areas, which effectively make the patient slimmer. The percentage of fat cells removed vary, and for those with more fat deposits to be eliminated, 25% can already make a big difference. As fat cells are frozen and destroyed, they go through the kidneys and out of the body without any harmful side effects. There is also no effect on the cholesterol levels of the body, which means the procedure can be done even on those with high cholesterol levels. Of course, each individual still needs to check in with their physician before signing up for CoolSculpting.

Maintaining the Results

Many swear by the procedure, but like any other treatment before it, you can’t expect it to be a miracle worker. The procedure destroys the fat cells in one area of the body, so you won’t have to worry about that area even after a few months. However, if you go back to your unhealthy eating habits, you may notice fat accumulating in other areas. To prevent this, doctors recommend that you maintain the results of CoolSculpting by following a healthier lifestyle. Control your consumption of fatty foods, and burn excess calories so that they do not have to be stored as fat.

It’s good to know that there are procedures like CoolSculpting that remove fat without any downtime. Even better, know how to maintain the results to keep that slimmer body for longer.