Could veneers provide you with the makeover of your dreams?

Veneer SampleMany people dream of a perfect smile, but don’t know what to do to improve upon what nature has given them. Cosmetic dentists offer a wide range of techniques and procedures – from subtle tooth straightening to porcelain veneers – to create the smiles their patients have dreamt of for so long.

In many cases, it needn’t take as long as you might think to achieve your ideal smile. Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent offers free consultations for a wide range of cosmetic procedures, so that you know exactly what you expect before you sign up.

Cosmetic dental treatment can provide a significant boost to body image and self-confidence. A lot of adults in the UK are shy about smiling in public, and cosmetic procedures can significantly improve the situation – often in just a few short appointments.

Porcelain veneers are a popular cosmetic choice, because they can be used to improve a wide range of smile issues. Permanent discolouration and staining (for example, after root canal treatment), small issues with spacing, alignment, or gaps, short teeth and reduced tooth enamel can all be helped with the aid of these thin porcelain shells.

Veneers are carefully crafted to suit each patient’s individual requirements. A cosmetic dentist can use a single veneer to make one rogue tooth look more like the other teeth, or can create a complete smile makeover using a full set.

It usually takes at least three appointments to have your veneers created and fitted. First, you will need an in-depth consultation and treatment planning session. Your veneers will then be made up, and your cosmetic dentist will check that you are entirely happy with their appearance and fit, making any adjustments as necessary before they are bonded firmly into place using a strong dental bonding agent.

Tooth veneers are not meant to be a short-term solution; although they were initially invented for Hollywood and would last little longer than a take or two, the modern versions are greatly improved, and are designed to last for many years – as long as you take good care of them and pay regular visits to your dentist to check they are still in tip-top condition.