Cutting Back on Your Bills and Reducing Food Waste

Fruit VegetableA lot of money is wasted on spoiled food and rotten produce. According to Foodwise, Aussies discard almost 20 percent of the food they buy. A small change in the way you shop and plan your purchases can efficiently cut your expenses. Learn what small changes you can do to save more money and maximise your budget.

Buying in bulk

Buying in bulk from familiar fruit and vegetable suppliers has its advantages. You will save money and you will have the liberty of choosing the pieces you want from the lot. Fostering a good relationship with your supplier can also guarantee you first pick of the best produce.

Learn proper storage

You want your fruits and vegetables fresh. You don’t need to buy frequently if you learn how to properly store your produce. Learn which items require airtight containers and storage in dry places, and which ones require proper refrigeration. Proper storage lessens the risk of spoilage. This will help you cut back on food wastage.

Plan your menu

Plan your meals for the week in order to maximise the use of your produce. By planning your menu, you will know exactly what to buy. You can also plan when to cook them.

Imagine the money and time that you’ll save. You no longer have to spend time thinking about your purchases. All you need to do is plan ahead, list produce you want and buy efficiently.

Determine which items are in season

Simon George & Sons mentions seasonality is key, and that customers can take full advantage of produce in season. Know the fruits and vegetables in season because these will be considerably cheaper, and their abundance makes for the freshest and most delicious harvest.

Spend time learning about your vegetables and fruits. Be conscious about your choices and plan your purchases to save money and avoid wastage.