Debunking the Most Common LASIK Surgery Misconceptions

LASIK Eye Surgery LASIK is one of the most common procedures for correcting vision problems worldwide. In fact, millions of people have undergone the LASIK procedure and are now enjoying sharper and clearer vision. With the availability of information online, however, plenty of misconceptions surrounding the procedure still exist.

Here are some of the most common ones debunked below:

Myth #1: Recovering from LASIK surgery will take a long time.

FACT: Majority of patients notice almost immediate improvement right after or hours after surgery. In fact, in most instances, patients can even go to work the following day.

Myth #2: LASIK cannot treat astigmatism.

FACT: Industry professionals like The Eye Clinic explain that LASIK surgery may correct astigmatism and patients even stated that their vision became even better than when they were wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Myth #3: Your prescription must be stable so you can undergo LASIK eye surgery.

FACT: Previous prescription changes are not indicative of future prescription changes. It may not help in providing better results. It is important to go see your eye doctor to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery or not.

Myth #4: I am too old for LASIK.

Age should never really be an issue; an estimated 99% of people who have undergone LASIK surgery are around the ages of 18 to 70 years old. Even those over 70 years old can be good candidates for cataract removal using LASIK.

Myth #5: LASIK eye surgery is painful.

FACT: Patients actually experience insignificant pain or none at all since numbing eye drops will be administered before the procedure.

MYTH #6: I cannot afford LASIK.

FACT: Think of LASIK as an investment since when you count what you spend on prescription glasses, contact lenses and lens leaning solutions each year, you will not see a high price difference.

MYTH #7: LASIK surgery is risky.

FACT: While all types of surgeries come with risks, LASIK surgery is among the safest procedures today.

MYTH #8: Prescription glasses and contact lenses are just as effective.

FACT: Prescription glasses and contacts are effective when it comes to correcting vision problems, but LASIK is significantly more effective and efficient. Patients who have undergone LASIK to treat their astigmatism reported having better vision quality after the procedure.

It is important to arm yourself with the right information to avoid lifelong regrets before undergoing any vision correction procedure.