Decluttering Your Dwelling: 5 Household Items You Can Donate

Two people holding donation boxFor homeowners out there, how would you declutter your dwelling? While throwing away old and worn items could be an option, how about finding things to donate instead? Maybe your basement, attic, or garage has some stuff gathering dust that could get utilized by someone else instead. Donating certain items could not only declutter your house but the community as well when they follow your example.

1. Cars

Car donation companies usually seek out owners willing to give away their old or unused vehicles. The assessed value of these old autos, be it an RV, truck, or car, would then be used to fund specific charities of your choice.

2. Old Devices

Nonfunctional electronics like old phones, kitchen appliances, or toys can get donated to metal recyclers. They would collect the copper, steel, and other metal parts that can be salvaged from the devices, and repurpose these parts for new products.

3. Worn Clothes

Clothes no longer used by family members can be donated to charitable institutions. Baby clothes, stained clothes, or simply worn, damaged ones that you owned before are eligible for donations.

4. Old Furniture

Old furniture like sofas, tables, chairs, and beddings can get donated as well. These big and heavy materials often get stored in attics or basements, so you might want to consider donating yours if you have some that are taking up precious space.

5. Scrap Paper

Scrap paper from materials like old schoolbooks, notebooks, or pads of paper can be given to paper mills since they can turn these old pieces into pulp for creating new paper sheets.

Woman holding old items for donationDecluttering Your Dwelling

In conclusion, donating old and unused household items can free up some space for homeowners. Things eligible for donation could be cars, furniture, clothes, paper, or electronics. By giving what you don’t need to institutions that do, you’re doing a favor for your home, charities, and waste management efforts.