Dental Implants and How They Solve Missing Teeth

DentistTooth loss is one of the widespread oral health problems in the United Kingdom. In many cases, the loss may be a result of improper oral hygiene that led to complete tooth decay. Accidents are also common causes. There are some individuals who have teeth that failed to erupt.

Whatever the cause of your tooth loss or missing tooth may be, know that getting a dental implant is one of your options.

Convenient Teeth Replacement

According to the European Federation of Periodontology, many studies have pointed to dental implants being a convenient and quick tooth replacement. Although there are other ways to replace a lost or missing tooth, there are many situations wherein implants offer a better solution. A dentist can help you determine if these devices are best for you.

The Difference between Implants and False Teeth

Sheen Dental Implants, a dental implants provider in Richmond, says these devices are created in such a way that they look and function like natural teeth. This sets them apart from dentures. Maintaining implants is similar to caring for real teeth, while dentures require more effort and special cleaning products.

Safety First

Manufacturers use titanium for dental implants. This type of metal is safe for human use, as it is compatible with human body tissues and is non-toxic.


As the British Dental Health Foundation cited, implants can last for a long time – as long as natural teeth can – given that you maintain and take care of them properly.

Dental implants are some of the best inventions in the oral health care industry, so if you have lost a tooth or are missing several, consider investing in them. Not only will they help maintain your bone and facial structure, they will also make you enjoy eating, speaking and smiling again.