Dental Solutions: On Gum Disease and Tooth Sensitivity

Sensititive Tooth in UtahNatural home remedies sometimes resolve periodontal disease and tooth sensitivity. Nonetheless, these DIY treatments can sometimes be inadequate. If you suffer from gingivitis, the necks of your teeth and surrounding gums may be inflamed. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, the problem lies on the enamel layer of the tooth itself — some tooth sensitivity issues may be the result of gum recession, though.

Here are some professional insights regarding effective management of gingivitis and tooth sensitivity:

Treatment of gingival tissue inflammation

Gingivitis is common in both children and adults. This happens when there is swelling and redness on the inflamed areas of the gums. Sometimes, the gums bleed during brushing. If the condition is in the acute stage, you may be dealing with an infection. If the disease is already in the chronic stage, gingivitis may be due to the presence of plaques. Both forms of gum disease can be resolved with consistent oral hygiene practices. As Canyon Dental Clinic advises, “Proper oral hygiene, daily dental care and regular dental checkups will minimize the risk of gum disease.”

For the majority of people with gum disease, dentists give instructions on how to perform flossing and brushing properly. This helps in preventing the proliferation of microorganisms in the gums. If there is significant inflammation, the dentist may prescribe medication to ease inflammation and prevent further oral problems.

Treatment of tooth sensitivity

The protective outer layer of the tooth is the enamel. When this layer thins out, the dentin becomes exposed. The tooth becomes vulnerable, and the presence of hot or cold food in the mouth may elicit pain. Sensitivity comes and goes, but it usually flares up with the intake of highly acidic beverages and food. Some of the common treatment options that dentists may offer are fluoride application, desensitization, tooth bonding, and surgical gum draft. The dentist may decide the best method based on the condition of the teeth.

Gingivitis and tooth sensitivity are easy to manage. Consult your dentist to get a quick resolution for your oral problem.