Do Dental Implants Require a Dental Specialist?

Patient with Specialist ProsthodontistDental implants require a dentist who has studied the advanced restoration of teeth and replacement of missing teeth. A dental specialist is trained to diagnose and manage more complex cases, such as dental implants, which cannot always be provided in a general dental practice set-up. Once a dentist has completed the extra training needed, they become what is known as a specialist prosthodontist or a specialist oral surgeon. Both are trained to perform dental implant surgery.

Specialist Prosthodontist

A general dentist who is trained to place and restore implants may be the appropriate person to provide care for straightforward or simple dental implant procedures. This will vary depending on an individual dentist’s training and experience.

However, the general dentist should know when to refer you to a specialist, such as a prosthodontist. General dentists should not try to provide care beyond their level of competence or experience.

Specialist prosthodontists receive three extra years of training to master the skills needed to restore unhealthy damaged and missing teeth. Prosthodontists, with advanced knowledge and skill are vital in maintaining one’s dental health.

Prosthodontists are the preferred specialists when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures and full mouth rehabilitation and are the only recognised specialists in implant, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.

Complex aesthetic improvements, such as dental implants require the specialised knowledge and skill of a prosthodontist. Due to the comprehensive training, patients can be assured, when restoring teeth or undergoing a full mouth makeover, that they are receiving the highest level of care possible.

Prosthodontists focus not only on appearance but also function, comfort, and long-term maintainability of dental implants. Combining artistry with science and technical skills, a prosthodontist serves as the ‘architect’ of a dental team.

A prosthodontist often leads a team of general dentists, specialists and other health professionals to find solutions to a patient’s dental needs. You should do research before deciding on your restorative dentist so that you can be sure you’re in the best possible hands. Moor Park Dental in London has an in-house specialist prosthodontist, expertly trained for all your dental implant needs.