Does E-cigarette Help Cure Tobacco Addiction?

electronic cigarettesSmoking is a hard habit to break, but the consequences of chain smoking are harder to bear. That’s why some chain smokers use alternatives like electronic cigarettes to reduce consumption of nicotine.

But are e-cigarettes that effective in dealing with chain smoking? Quit Stop Now suggests otherwise. In fact, a study shows that e-cigarettes may increase nicotine dependence instead of deterring it.

Impacts of E-cigarettes

A study published in the journal Tobacco Control revealed that e-cigarettes boost nicotine addiction. These contain pyrazines, compounds in light or mild cigarettes that enhance their flavour and aroma. These additives may increase dependence and the attractiveness of smoking as a result.

Researchers found that pyrazines increase appeal of e-cigarettes apart from their “clean smoking” features. However, these may invite non-smokers or make it hard for current smokers to quit. Moreover, e-cigarettes may easily persuade former smokers to relapse because of their seemingly safe properties.

Most e-cigarettes have minimal or no dangerous effects at first glance. However, some varieties have nicotine, which may be life threatening if leaked or absorbed by the skin. Other products that failed safety standards are circulating in the market as well.

Dealing with E-cigarettes

Given the potential problems posed by E-cigarettes, the government and organisations like Cancer Council are coming up with measures to regulate the sale and use of e-cigarettes especially to minors. The government came up with educational programs and legislations regarding to control the consumption and proliferation of e-cigarettes.

NSW Parliament’s Public Health (Tobacco) Amendment (E-cigarettes) Act 2015, for instance, prohibits selling of sell e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories to those under age 18. It also prohibits buying or operating vending machines that provide e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories on behalf of minors.

Health officials also note that chain smokers should undergo extensive rehabilitation instead of relying on e-cigarettes and other substitutes. They suggest undertaking nicotine-free treatment programs that will help them overcome the substance entirely.

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Smoking may still harm a person even if they are using an e-cigarette. Health risks may still apply as long as the substance has nicotine. That’s why people should have to make a conscious effort to break the habit or seek help from family and specialists in nicotine therapy.