Effective Ways to Reduce Your Prescription Charges

A variety of prescription pillsPrescription medications can be expensive, especially if there is more than one medicine to pay for. Some patients choose to go untreated because of the cost, but there are other ways to lower the bill and still take your medicine.

Seven in ten Americans take a prescription drug for a chronic health problem. More than 50% of the population takes two or more drugs and 20% take five or more. This can make prescription drug charges too costly for many. Lack of funds has led to tough choices for people with limited means. Some are choosing between medication and food while others are deliberately reducing their dosage.

Here are some ways to reduce the cost of medication:

Seek a Prescription Assistance Program

For those who are uninsured because of unemployment or poverty, prescription patient assistance programs can cover some or all of the medication costs. Even The Rx Solution recommends this option.

Ask for a Medication Review

Polypharmacy – taking several medicines at once – is not always advisable or necessary. It sometimes occurs because a patient’s medication hasn’t been reviewed. Ask the doctor to look at the meds and see if you can drop or reduce any of them.

Opt for Generic Medicines

Buying branded medicines adds up to the bill. Generic medicines do the same job for a fraction of the price.

Buy Chain-Store Brands

Depending on the drug, it may be available at a lower price in a chain store. If you’re using your insurance, make sure it covers the particular medicine you need.

Consider Alternatives

Discuss with a healthcare provider any potential alternatives to medication. For example, eating a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can help improve concentration and good old-fashioned honey and lemon could help with cough and sore throats.

More people have chronic illnesses and require regular medication to manage their symptoms. This can be expensive and put some people off taking their medications, which may be dangerous. Following these recommendations will help you save money on medical bills.