Elderly Day Care: What You Need to Know About Their Services

Elderly Day CareAs the baby boom population ages, the need for reliable elderly care increases. As you need to work for income, it can be challenging to focus your attention on your loved one — not only your parents, but your children as well. This is why day care for elderly is such huge step forward, as they provide the assistance you need.

Who qualifies for elderly day care?

Adults 65 years old and above who need support in daily activities, such as meal preparation and personal hygiene, are eligible for elderly day care. Elderly with any form of cognitive impairment, like memory loss, can likewise go for elderly day care.

What services are available in an elderly day care?

Ntuchealth.sg and other elderly day care facilities throughout the U.S. provide many services and activities, such as:

  • Exercise programs
  • Counseling
  • Assistance in walking, taking medicines, eating, and going to the toilet
  • Preparation of meals
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Social activities
  • Transportation

When is the right time to choose elderly day care services?

Although it takes time for your loved one to adapt to their new environment, it’s still best to consider this option if they:

  • Have safety concerns at home, especially when alone
  • Have extended periods of isolation during the day and misses others
  • Lack structure for everyday activities

How can the elderly benefit from day care?

An elderly day care service, if it works accordingly to your loved one’s preferences, can improve overall behavior. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Your elderly will have a companion, preventing feelings of isolation
  • Your elderly will have the much needed social interaction
  • Your elderly will have a living environment with like-minded people

Caring for your elderly is not a burden, and taking them to day care does not mean you are tired of them. In fact, you get the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands while your daily activities move on smoothly.