Family Therapy: What it Entails

a mother and daughter talking to a therapistThe family is the basic unit of a community and a country at large. As a unit, the family may experience issues that may need professional help to address and resolve.

When it comes to psychological concerns, a family needs to see a psychiatrist in Westport, CT for therapy services. Family therapy is a form of treatment that addresses issues affecting a family. This is important in helping family members go through a major transition or a difficult time.

Family therapy employs techniques that range from behavior therapy to cognitive therapy. The applicable methods are unique to the specific problem that the treatment seeks to solve.

The common types of family therapy include:


The systemic model focuses on the meaning and unconscious behavior behind how family members behave towards each other. The treatment in this model is neutral and allows members to look into their issues as a family.


Structural therapy seeks to set the right boundaries between family members: parents to siblings, siblings to parents, and siblings to siblings. The therapist works hard to ensure that family members see their role in the family structure, as well as how to act their parts right for unity in the family.


Just as the name suggests, this form of therapy uses a plan to get things back to normal. This method is quite different from the others as the therapist offers tasks that family members need to take up.

These roles affect how the members interact with each other, make decisions, and their mode of communication.


This family therapy suits individuals who do not wish to involve other family members in the treatment. Bowenian therapy relies on two principles: differentiation and triangulation.

Differentiation involves learning how to be less emotional on family matters, while triangulation involves the tendency to resist consulting a third party in case of family issues.

You can choose other friends, have other colleagues, but you will never have different family members. Family members remain to be family regardless of whether you are at peace with each other or not. You can choose to consult a psychiatrist for professional help and bring back the family unit together.