For a Longer and Healthier Life, Jump

Kids JumpingThere must be magic when you’re off the ground. Thanks to a NASA study, people are enjoying the benefit of rebounding. Not only is it an exercise that’s easy to use, it’s fun. And just about anybody can do it.

If you’re finding going to the gym is an uphill climb, then gearing your abode with a trampoline could just be the solution you need. With the whole family jumping in, you would have made good on your promise to get your entire brood–from toddlers to grannies–into fitness.

Useful NASA Findings

NASA was in a quandary. Finding their astronauts losing substantial bone and muscle mass after being away on a space mission, the U.S. agency wanted to find an exercise to get their agents back in shape.

The treadmill just didn’t cut it. In their study NASA found out that rebounding, jumping up and down the trampoline, is the best way to recovery. Made in the 1980s, the study would send official go-signals to every exercise buff on the planet: trampolining is the way to go.

To note, NASA’s study showed oxygen uptake is 68% greater when trampolining compared to when running. If jumping is the best way to regain health for astronauts who were immobilized during their long stay in outer space, then it would also be good for people who are sick and had prolonged bed rest.

Jump Your Way to a Healthier You

If you have been wanting to exercise but are stalling for whatever reason, getting an indoor trampoline should be a good decision.

While you’re rebounding, you’re increasing oxygen circulation to tissues and stimulating your metabolism. And that’s just some of the benefits of trampolining.

Not only will you have unlimited access to the contraption, it’s dedicated to you and your own welfare alone–unlike the distant gym. The best part is you can even have the whole family join in to get all the laughter started.  

With an indoor trampoline, getting healthy is as easy as jumping up and down–and getting loads of fun in the process.