For Students: How to Cope with an Eating Disorder at School

Sad Child Eating A MealFor some students, going to school can already be a challenging feat. For those suffering from mental and eating disorders, it can be a completely different story.

The stress of school and peer pressure can easily get to you, making you feel helpless and less powerful. If you feel like you or a loved one is suffering from a mental or eating disorder, then go ahead and ask for help. Look for the best eating disorder treatment centers, including EDCare, and the hotlines that you can call to help you realize that you are not alone in this feat.

Here are some more tips on dealing with an eating disorder when going to school:


If it is your first time stepping foot in a new campus, do your research firsthand. You can visit the school before classes start to know where the dining hall is and what your options are.

Bring a loved one with you for support. Talk to the cafeteria people if you have to, and ask all of the questions that you need to ask. Do not be scared, as this is your first step towards coping and getting better.

Get some support

The most important thing is to get some type of support if you feel like you are dealing with a mental or eating disorder. There are many people that you can come to, including the school’s counselor, health center, nutrition services, and even the athlete support services.

You can also ask around for support groups that you can join. This can be a huge help, as you will be hearing similar stories to yours and talking to people suffering from the same issue.

Focus on your well-being

Put yourself above all else and know what you need. Let your loved ones know what you are feeling, so they would know how to deal with it as well.

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Do what you have to do. You can create a journal and write down your feelings and your needs, listen to music if you feel like it, meditate if you need to, and talk to the right people about what you are going through. Focusing on yourself and knowing what you need can be a huge help in your journey.

Always remember that you are not alone in this feat. Talk to your loved ones, a support group, or visit a therapist or a doctor if you ever need to. You will get through this, one step at a time.