For the Art Lover: Where to Get Artwork for Your Property

Get Artwork for Your PropertyMany people would love to have a piece of good art to hang in their homes or offices, but only some can afford to buy an original. Limited edition art prints are not only an eye candy; they can be a good investment, especially if it has the signature of the artist. Here’s how you can buy and invest in artworks without breaking the bank.

Artists need the exposure

It takes significant time and effort for an artist to produce a piece with which they are happy to exhibit to the public. An original can cost more than most people can afford, and for a new artist, it can take a while for them to get enough work for a decent exhibit. TWFINEART noted that many artists choose to release prints at lower prices, which is good for art lovers. As original prints are more affordable, the artist receives the needed exposure to a wide audience.

Open edition prints

Some artists allow galleries to run off their works as prints so long as there is a demand for it. A good digital print from online galleries can be ideal to put in a nice frame and can work well to dress a bare wall. In fact, you can even get them for a small fee if you’ve been buying artworks from the same gallery over the years.

Limited edition prints

Artists issue limited edition prints for special occassions. These are the same as open-edition prints, except that the artist sets a limit to the number of prints they run. The artist numbers each print to establish provenance, and this increases the price and market value of each print. The artist can also choose to sign the prints, which further increases their worth. Signed, limited-edition prints are popular with collectors because they are a good investment, especially if the artist is an established one.

Prints are a good alternative for art lovers that may not be able to afford originals. It is also a good way for new artists to create a following, and for galleries to offer good pieces of art to anyone who wants a little beauty in their homes or offices.