Four Common Body Types in Women

Woman with straight body type measuring her waistGetting fit is not as simple as trainers put it. You need to consider several aspects to get in shape and break bad habits. To find an exercise program for women in Acton that is ideal for you, you should identify your body type and know the workout that best suits you.

Straight Body Type

This build is popular these days because it is quite similar to the athletic body type. This body type has nearly the same size for the bust and hips. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips. In this case, you need to focus more on workouts to trim your waistline. Different exercises could successfully tighten your abdominal muscles and pull in the belly area.

Pear Body Type

This is the kind of shape that all beauties would prefer having. It is characterized by being smaller on top and having a weight-packed lower body. Because your waistline is likely to be perfect, your primary concern should be your arms and shoulders. They need to get toned for your shape to be excellent. See to it that you do not obsess with your thighs, hips and but, though they would need some attention too when picking your workout plan.

The Hourglass Shape

This refers to women who are very curvaceous. While this mainly gives a figure that is perfect for bikinis, the chances of gaining weight are usually higher. Focusing on full-body muscle toning would be essential.

Strawberry Body Type

Some women have square shoulders and big busts with narrow hips. Such body types are tricky and need to be assessed for the right workout plans. It is possible to make real progress with time, patience and consistency in your exercise routines.

Before you start any workout program, you should first set some goals for your body type. It is possible to aim at losing weight and getting in shape at the same time. Regardless of your objectives, make sure that you have realistic expectations.